Ready When You Are

I would knowingly nod should the tip of your dagger be felt quenching thirst at the oasis found between my fifth and sixth posterior ribs

Drenching itself in oxygen from my left lung and blackish blue viscosity from my right atrium

Rendering me silent

But that will never happen because I am non-existent. You went to a place that is neither love nor hate. I am unworthy of the energy required to produce a thought

Either way I am ready to talk when you are

Ready When You Are

Downcast Eyes

I have no time

For downcast eyes

Which wait

For the change

Of the

Red traffic light


As the downcast

Eyes of former friends


Neither the heart

Nor the mind

As I pass by


That is the price


I called a fellow arsonist to douse the dry fence, instead of the waterproofed red-donned fighters.

The yellow grass turned to black and spread, finally kissing the vinyl side while we were napping. Meantime, whipped into the shrubs was an unsecured butane lighter.

Downcast Eyes