The Writing of David Andrés Alíx

I understand that I do not understand

My Gleanings

Oh Jehovah

Let me be satisfied with the gleanings you leave me

For they are abundant and deemed worthy as firstfruits

Prayer Request

I asked you as you forlornly

Walked away

Would you like for us to pray

For you today?

You only nodded your head

Paused, then said

Only if you do it together



Finding Joy

Joy eluded me

And when I was not

Looking for her

She approached to greet me

A moment like the one

When you see your loved one

In a crowd of travelers at the

Inbound terminal

Once the bags are loaded

And you hit the pike

They do not have the same luster

But you love them with the same force

I am joyful knowing that I am

Able to be found by Joy

If only for a moment


I Caught a Glance In the Mirror

I saw the sign

Upon seeing her

I did rejoice

Like those who

Rejoiced upon the

Perishing of Zion

She was a mirror


A heart yet wicked

Feel Full (but not too full)

I wished that you may always feel full

But may you never feel too full

May you never feel too satisfied

That you never tire of seeking that which makes you wonderful


Sublime Affection

Due to you I am part of the family once again

It is a sublime affection with many many layers

One of which is being cut out

I imagine you will one day dwell among angels

The Amazon

There is one who has

The entire rain forest to himself

The wet and wild beauty

And brutality


There is another who has

A single pure drop of water

Which he fears may be

Required with greater



You Sent an Angel

I called

I kept on calling

From disadvantage

From dust

From obliteration

My name was erased and forgotten

I kept on calling

And you answered

And my bones are no longer dry and brittle


He has some demons to overcome

But everyone is rooting for him

Everyone believes in him

Everyone wants to see his greatness


See him solve it 


You spoke to me 

And I dare say its power

Was greater than the cheering 

Throngs hoping in Tiger

I feel like it saved my life

Thanks for being a fan

Are You Kind?

There is one kind to me

Because he knows a kindness

To me is a kindness to her


I discovered that

I was kind to all others

Because a kindness to them

Was a kindness to her


I was being kind only to me

Because I wanted

All her kindness

All to myself

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