The Writing of David Andrés Alíx

I understand that I do not understand

Month: October, 2012

My Friend the Samurai

So quiet, so quick, so graceful and pure.

Had I the privilege to work by your side, I would take the position.

Be it ditch digging or x-ray taking.

Your spirit is light and there is no fear.

Happy Cobra.

I have worked alongside you, taught by you.

Your modesty allowed me to teach you.

No arrogance, no self-consciousness, humorous, on point.

Neither male, nor female, righteous and just.

May you be my executioner, because it would be done right.

Lightning fast, and painless, compassionate, loving, Samurai.



Spirits vibrating the same frequencies

Eager to frolic and gambol

High above an amber field

On a hill which is named Eternal

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