Mi Flor

Desert Rose
Desert Rose

Qusiera que abriera tus labios de nuevo entre la muchedumbre apartada; preparada por Dios.

Fuiste apartada para mi.

Cualquier aficcionado de la horticultura entregaría de su tesorería las cosas más valiosas por obtener una flor como eres tú.

En cambio fuiste apartada, guardada para mi sin un precio por adelantado, salvo un voto que pronto se me olvidó.

Yo, tu jardinero, esta ansioso para saciarte la sed; renovar los petalos secos, y tus raices fortalecer.

Para que echen profundamente en la tierra quedando sólida y sin temor!

Quisiera que abrieras tus pétalos bajo el edificante sol. Que sean refrescadas con el rocío de mi amor.

Para suspirar tu perfume de prosperidad para siempre entre la muchedumbre apartada por Dios.





Highways, weigh stations, overcast, mist, bridges, rest stops


Tolls, interstates, train crossings, restaurants, antique shops


March toward the unknown love




Rainy Highway

Do Marshal (Amended)

The sun

One hundred billion hydrogen bombs every second

The universe?

Oh that you marshal the energy emitted in one billionth

Of one nanosecond from your master work

Your energy to one coordinate in our vicinity

That every fiber and sinew be made fresh and new

That the mind be elevated to an invincible height

That whatever clouds it with uncertainty

Be squeegeed

And be made bright white

Brilliantly blinding the doubters

And making rejoice all sons and daughters

Do marshal just once more

For happy laughter

For extra measure




Sea Buckthorn Berries

The time of sadness has passed

Oh yes! Its season was perfect for a time

Now the season of joy is slated to take the stage

Her colors of bright orange Sea Buckthorn berries against a cloudless deep blue

Warming her cords in the wings, readying for multiple curtain calls

No longer to be offended the Wand Waiver, Time Keeper

Evoking jubilant crescendo and tearful applause