I would like to be

In Albuquerque

To see

The happenings

During Flamenco Week



Concert Day

Concert Day

Because I one day enjoyed your spirit, is it incorrect to conclude that we are friends?

I enjoyed the spirit of a singer as she performed so evocative that the tears flowed.

She caught sight of me and seemed to be as enthralled.

We were joined for that moment that cannot be taken away, but we are not friends today.

But we do love each other because we allowed the other to invade our space.

I was prepared to do this before I bought the ticket, and the troubadour before she sold it.

Anxious to see what might take place on concert day.



While you go through your private procession

Instead of honoring you with black

I put on white and precipitate your flight

Fantastically frantic

I had my black tailored

But when it was ready

It was too late

I am so sorry

When your march ends

You may be ready

To forgive me for loving more than life

That day out in the lot

Ready to forgive me for loathing more than death

That same day that stopped the clock



With broken spirit, I shall train my eye on you no more

Though the image stays

Like a sponge

Clamped immodestly by a vise

In order to squeeze out every last little bit of water

When released

Her dampness remains



I shall siphon through windows screened

To my thoughts, no more

Bouyed immodestly

By the hope

That my thirst

Will be quenched

With your bliss



The recital has become habitual

The uttered greater than the material

Drawn from my vestibule to your auricle

My mouth is your ear; your ear, my domicile

Where I curl up in, closing my eyes to sing

Needing to inhale, breathing you deeply in

Needing to imprint you deep into my skin


The Psalmist

I was near enough to realize the lines around your eyes and the bust vessels around your irises, incongruent with your youth and beauty

Had you been crying intensely, inconsolably, in your privacy? Your body tensed and shaking; face contorted as if screaming, without a sound?

Astonished to discover your willingness to consider a new lover, and other matters too terrible to utter out loud?



Displacing oxygen in heart, brain and lung; words enough to converse a millennium

Synthesized from the elixir found on your arrow, piercing the cortex, deep to the marrow

Shot from the glance of every encounter, making important things cease to matter

But for the words born on this paper, postponing death for a little later


The Jailer

A thorn you bear, the same as me condemned to a cell three meters squared separated silently By an entire galaxy

You linger and grope with the letters in the vestibule of your mouth knowing they must not be allowed To form the words of the inquiry

You have concluded intelligently that it would be a dead work to float the frequencies through your teeth It is better to exit immediately

Gradually our captor will widen, heighten, and lengthen our cages incrementally until the carbon steel edges touch delicately

We then able to demonstrate our everlasting injury Silently, ambiguously, unchanged and unfree