by David Andrés Alíx

Which one gives me hives?
I’ll have to call my curer, the one who gives good advice

Twenty-two pages of my chart
Transfered from my former


It was Cipro
“Causes swollen airway”
There is nothing more to say
Start the course of zithro
Prescribed without delay

I am anti anti-biotic
It is late to affirm
That I am not neurotic

Sometimes a sound mind
Is conferred not innate

Your nudge undid the blade
Set to lob off my nose
To spite my face

I am feeling better
At least in my lungs
I will remember
In the songs I will sing
And reflect through
Songs already sung

I’m  letting you know
Because it is your business
Never mind appropriateness

When it comes to that
You know

It might be found out
In the yard for the screen
That was left wide open
Years ago