I prayed for

While my
salesman smile

Began to

During the
thirty mile

Country ride

After the


Deciding not
to take


For that
express reason


I asked if
he loved me

More today


Needing him
to listen closer


embossing of my mind

Permitted by
my pride

Has recused me from time to time


But now
perhaps my

Pleading to

Is a sweet
smelling odor




Climbing the stairs it happens in a

Quicker than the birth of a thought or
an emotion

A picture, beating light, out of a
place obscure

But which used to be turned on

A billboard on my highway mind

Right in front of my automobile heart

That left me stranded without a spare care

But which now is a three by five

For which the answer is known before

It is flipped up

And when it is

It gets frisbeed across the room  

As my eyes avert from its flight

Because I do not want to know where it

That I need not forget its location

Forgetting requires more than what can

Be mustered

So I avert my eyes, avert my mind

So that it is no longer remembered

Until the next time

And that is the way I must do

Over and over

In every season

That I may hope to be revived

So my hope stays alive


Another Season

Another Season

Joyless corner where your guitar is forced

To watch the sediment settle in your ink jars

Satisfied that sufficient is the film of

Dust formed to obscure its sight


Writing only of how you can no longer write

Though you hold your utensil as if it is

Your heart and lungs


So wait another moment

Another day

Circling to the same place

Another season


The weariness becomes your favorite


Which the evening coolness

Bids you to pull on


The Breathing Stone

The Breathing Stones

There is a list of names

Flashing red

Tucked in The Ancient Book’s


Do I have the heart of a


The bullets cry out

As a remembrancer

Of shared scripture


In this mad life

Those letters are

The only things that

Seem to matter


Permitting tense flint

To sigh as it is wetted

With clean cold water


Looking Glass Self

Cuando vi

Que estabas presente

A mi alma, mente y corazón

Los agradó

Es que quise ser

Tu amigo

Amado hermano

Por su sonrisa

Que me dio refrigerio

Sentí en ese instante

Que estaba dispuesta

Entregar tu alma por completo

Por esa sublime confianza

Una luz reflejó

Cual hizo que yo creyera

Más completamente en yo

Y por eso mi alma a la tuya

Por siempre estará sellado



Did you see the spark

When she was alone?

It came and went

In a second

Heart unburdened

Converted to a picture

Of one reminded

Of the thorn she bore

Her mind a mirror

The reflection of

The unbounded smile

She saw was his

The tear born

Insufficient to

Form a sphere

One part joy

Two parts forlorn

A victim submerged

Who’s only urge

Is to inhale the one thing

That would do her in

So vanished

The smile

In her reflection