by David Andrés Alíx


I wanted to love like Christ loves children

And widows and grandmothers

I wanted to love like Mordecai loved Esther

But my heart refused

Insisting that my love be like

The love of a honeybee for its nectar

Like the love the dawn has for its horizon

Like the love two hydrogen have for its oxygen

To form water

Which is loved by every sun-tried

Traveler and their beast of burden

Which is what I wanted to be

To carry you through the dessert

But my heart insisted that I be

The stowaway cargo making your

Bedouin headdress more purposeful

Which is what I wanted to be

To protect you from the

Whirling wind carried sand

Which weighs down your hand

And that is what I turned out to be

The sand


I wish to be a mirage