The Writing of David Andrés Alíx

I understand that I do not understand

Month: February, 2014

Humming Birds

Humming Bird

I was window shopping

For my favorite imagination

With imaginary dollars

I spied a cute top

A navy number

It had a print of

Kaleidoscope Humming Birds

Enjoying the sweet nectar

Of tiny red flowers



Staring at the sun

Disembarking headlong

Into a canyon

Taking the podium

With standing room only

Waiting for the gate to drop

Piercing the skin to the stop

Loitering the E train’s



Edge as the

Oncoming turbulence

Blows back your hair

Frequencies too much to bear

Because they prove

To be not enough



Submission to the
Clean water regardless of
It’s cool temperature
Will make me a
Permanent fixture
In the lives of others
Whom I’ve loved with vigor
And held as treasure
Their trusting smile

My intention is paradise

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