To sustain 

A love

Untouched by

The human hand

The prize 

Is untellable



Ditch Fillers

I met a couple who had just married

And as they walked hand in hand

Into and through the woods

They came to a clearing

Where they almost fell into two holes

Which obstructed their crossing

So they started to fill the shallow looking holes

But they would not fill up no matter what they got

In the meantime, what they got was very soiled; the work was unending

They got the Great Wall of China and the Statue of Liberty

The Eiffel Tower, and the Coliseum from Italy

They went and got a Boeing 777, and Heathrow Airport

Barrels-full of clothing and sunglasses and time pieces

Like Big Ben, and sports cars and lots and lots of data

(Which was pretty silly because data takes up very little space)

No matter what they got the holes would not fill up

This drudgery caused them to resent each other bitterly

Working together to accomplish something futile

In desperation, in a “last ditch” effort, because she did not want to accept

That her Holy bond be tarnished, she asked him to do 

Something seemingly unreasonable:

“Jump into my ditch, and I’ll jump into yours”

This was no Shakesphearian tragedy, because her

Desperation was coupled with hope and faith

He felt the same and agreed 

When they did this the holes were 

Filled to the brim

But since they were stuck inside the holes

They couldn’t continue their journey anyway

Realizing they did not need nor want to continue

This clearing was made for them

And it would always be their home

So long as they were filled with one another