The Writing of David Andrés Alíx

I understand that I do not understand

Month: April, 2015

Special Event

He knew there
Was a special event
Due to the different
And the presence
Of a special honored
Whom he would not
Get to meet
For whom his heart
Does bleed

Although he was
Also happy to see
That she would be
Among those who
Would let her
Chest vent freely
Her protective fence
Proved to be
Made of many
As per his request



Stranded in the middle
Of dry desert

He failed to make
A proper estimation
Of his rations, of his heart

Never again to
Savor sweet water
Of the last oasis

Nor ever, for the first
That of the next

What Were You Built For?

To gain the prize
One must cease
To be
The building
They were built for

Though built for
One thing only


I must appear
To believe
That I am mistaken
So that you
Listen long
To be convinced
I am right


Everything I ever wrote
Carries a given footnote*


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