Joyful Angel

by David Andrés Alíx

Joyful Angel

How I rejoiced as my rebel brothers, condemned to the dense darkness, were finally ex-pulsed, upon loosing Michael’s War. A time of great rejoicing ensued, and we knew there was a way made for his purchased brothers to be cleansed and received. 

As they trickle in, how we celebrate each arrival, recounting among us their acts of faith. We are so satisfied to remind them of little details we had witnessed that amplified their strength. Little details they had long forgotten.

In one night one of us had extinguished one-hundred-eighty-five-thousand Assyrians. This one weeps a great amount of joyful tears upon receiving one of these frail clay vessels, made powerfully immortal, as we all shed many tears, laughing and shouting and jumping.

While, yes, we rejoiced greatly that our home was made ready, we did also weep very bitterly as we bristled at the thought that in the vicinity of the Earth there now roamed these accusers, that are very angry. They accused us for millennia, as they accused the perfect pair and their offspring, making many fall. 

But now we no longer weep tears of sadness, though they are permitted to hold sway. This furthers our astonishment: That these frail humans face up to the same bane that we faced. Though weak and imperfect they go as far as death to prove these the liars that they are. As they die; some peacefully, others violently, others plagued, you better believe that for this we celebrate.

We know their name and what it means to the One who made us all. They live to him though they have died. He will undo all the works of our enemies bringing to nothing even death. These faithful will also cry those joyful tears, with all the living: we the angels in heaven, and Christs brothers reigning, along with all animals and thing, along with all humans. We will honor and praise, and worship only him.