I Respectfully Disagree

Obtained from Google Image Search

I was overcome with conviction, but could not articulate an explanation. All I knew is that it sounded wrong, springing from an incorrect premise.

There are those who still assert that the earth is flat. Will you debate them, with a hope of setting them straight? Will you open their eyes? Or are you afraid that after talking with them you might refuse a cruise with all expenses paid?

The fact that two people, a man and woman remain together for many decades should inspire awe, more to the couple than to the onlookers. Nobody knows how frail and deficient you really are, not so well as you. So why assert that one of you deserves a medal because you have remained together? Neither one does. 

You are still one because you loved the one who instituted the holy bond. And, why do you love him? Because he first loved you despite knowing just how frail and deficient both of you are, so well as you. 

Is he to give you a medal? Will you demand an award? The fact that you remain together is due to him. That IS your reward. And a great one at that. When we, your friends, see one of you, we think of the other’s name. How rare and unusual this gift is! When others that are not as acquainted with your God, name his name, when they say that you are two peas in a pod. What honor this brings to him and to you. What a gift. We are honored to be included in conversation with you, to learn just how well you complement one another. 

Baruch was the faithful scribe of Jeremiah, while living in troubled times, but he grew unsatisfied. He was reminded that those with desired accoutrements were likely to perish, while on the other hand he was to get out of there with his life. That was his prize.

You remind me of Baruch. You are faithful as he was, and you also have a prize. You have entertained angels while remaining together in these difficult times. Did they not hear you blubbering, while wishing to wipe your tears when you prayed that it was too much, wailing for relief? You made it through that day, and many more like it, and you are both here today with a smiling face. Thank you for your faith. We love you and pray every day, that your love for each other be regarded by angels as one of the greatest they have ever seen. 


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