The Writing of David Andrés Alíx

I understand that I do not understand

Month: September, 2015


Few times have I
Felt more desperate
Than when I run
Out of words

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Nothing tasted
Like something
Excepting the
Food that he ate

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Dormant Instrument


A hickory handled
Well honed wood
That will never
Be used for which
It was designed
A well oiled
Razor sharp edge
Ready at a moments
To effortlessly carve
Into waiting wood
Tucked away in it’s
Behind the cabinet
Never to be what
The blue print
Called for

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Your Welcome


Once you’ve taken your turn replenishing the candy jar at work, you feel more at home delicately cherry – picking it’s bounty.

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A Vow


It is weighty
And significant
To the point
That all else
Significant is made
More so
But also not so
That the vow
Forever remain in vigor

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I’ll Make It

Everything is okay with me
I’m in it for the long haul
Though if I find you are not
I’ll end up having myself a fall

Getting up if you extend your hand

I’ll make it if you make it
Without you maybe not at all

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Last Rites While Flying A Red Kite


A name uttered can be counted
As ordinary or sacrilege
At which juncture
Of life
It escapes from the sayer’s lips
Someone is listening

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Heart’s Ornament


Even in dreams we

Do not see each other

If we do our face is

Turned away

If in the same place

We do not seek to see

We would rather sleep

Within our slumber

Perhaps our minds

Are taking cover

From dreaded madness

Accustoming our souls

Lessening the sadness

Slowly remembering

How to enjoy

A giant Super Moon

A walk on the beach

In the afternoon

Without the ornament

That bedecked frail ventricles

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