The Writing of David Andrés Alíx

I understand that I do not understand

Month: December, 2015


There exists one who
Writes of wine making
In order to capture
Her heart

And there exists one who
Makes fine wine
That he might retain
Her heart 

Honey Bee

The thing that I said

That I do not need

Turns out to be

A great need indeed

But for what I don’t know


Like something needed

By the honey bee

To prevent the collapse

Of its colony

For which science has

Nothing to show

Love vs. Hate

If you learn to hate what you ought to hate, will you then begin to love that which you ought to love?

Their Story

Their story
Has been

In the Northern
And Southern

The Far East
And the West

Which the angels
Who first heard it

Have done their very very best
To suppress

New Day

I recently have been the recipient 

Of kisses forgotten

Kisses unsolicited

Kisses unprovoked


The King’s Longing

So, as the King sanctifys his bride that she may be presented in her splendor, without a spot or wrinkle and without blemish, how are we to be preparing one another for the revealing of his promises?

We bow to one another, as she bows before him.


My error was not
The exultation of you
But rather the failure
To exalt all others

As their hearts
Are also precious
To the King

Just a little below
The angels
And a little above
The ground

Crayon Art

How many times has my daughter been told not to draw on the walls

As I clean the crayon from the sill I leave a remnant of her art

As she makes her canvas my smiling heart

Diluted Certainty

Please forgive me for attributing to your enemy, what might have come from you

Please forgive me for attributing to you, what might have come from your enemy

The most dangerous of uncertainties

My Delight

I have learned this


That because I have been

Loved supremely

I am able to love

Though not loved in return


Because I have been afforded

Dignity supremely

I am able to dignify

Though not dignified in return


Because I have been given

Everything supremely

I am able to give

Though not receiving anything at all


And because I am able

I must carry these out with a

Delightful soul

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