The Writing of David Andrés Alíx

I understand that I do not understand

Month: January, 2016

Beyond Reach

The rigors of this human life seem beyond my reach.

Leaves Leave

The leaf leaves behind the branch

By which it was nourished

Joining its deciduous siblings below

That the soil be made more rich

That the mighty tree be made


And when you came along

Early autumn snow

Perfectly mirroring my black branches

Against the dawn with white

Accumulating your even weight

That the broken parts no longer 


Would break off with little pain

And those left over would have 

A greater share

Strengthened for the coming storms

When the air becomes fragrant

With the stillness and moistness

Which bodes your impending arrival

I am happy as my best breath

Is made by your presence

Strengthening my leftover branches

Which nourish the new leaves

That allow me to breathe free



Wellington de Jesús Gonzalez Ozuna

Brinda lechosa cuando se desayuna

A linda Maura su querida esposa

Cuando la piel ni esta seca ni suda

Filo silbando se siente mas segura

Los aspectos de la vida se regulan

Leyendo escritura quitando duda

Cara afilando cara por ser dura

Frasco llevando esperanza segura

Jugo recobrante junto con verdura

Paloma mensajera sueño que dura

Dormir inconveniente dura y dura

Agua de coco ni la caña disfruta

Rocío naciente olas las aplasta

Mar dando besotes a costa rocosa

Remolinos salados cara no roza

Ventanas tampoco abren por las rosas

Ni reflejo dedo espina lo pulla

Al mirador pies no transcurren pisadas

Ni el zumbido del colibrí sus alas

El aroma del concón no deja baba

Ni textura de seda la habichuela

O la melena de seda de su Maura

Hasta que la voz más fuerte no lo llama

Del sueño inconveniente que despierta

Que disfrute hijos, hijas y hermanos

Cosas de los cielos y los de abajo

Palpar oír amar sin malo trabajo

Gozar reir alzando un buen trago

Facilmente mirando lado a lado

Los amados y los que serán amados

Nuestro querido Harvin que despierte pronto

Ask for This

The best

But most allusive

Gift you could

Ever hope for

Is a heart moved

By true love


A comforting
It brings
Though I see not
A thing
To know
You fight
To come
To the light

Prison Stripes

Why has the contrast of my prison stripes become sharper?

Because for the escape I have become more eager

Yet as time passes my power becomes more meager

So I marshal a power that is much greater

But as a result I am no freer

My stripes are brighter than they have ever been

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