The Writing of David Andrés Alíx

I understand that I do not understand

Month: April, 2016

It is Desperate

My heart has been well trained 

At every opportunity it is ready to disobey

Ready When You Are

I would knowingly nod should the tip of your dagger be felt quenching thirst at the oasis found between my fifth and sixth posterior ribs

Drenching itself in oxygen from my left lung and blackish blue viscosity from my right atrium

Rendering me silent

But that will never happen because I am non-existent. You went to a place that is neither love nor hate. I am unworthy of the energy required to produce a thought

Either way I am ready to talk when you are


Something between us is growing

And though we are reluctant to call it love

I believe we can both say it is something good

Maybe the road that leads to love

Moments at the Zoo

A kiss unbidden

That is all together
A different animal


She removed the symbol of their vows from her finger, and told him not to bother replacing it.

She told him that she is now single, but allows him in the chamber with her so to cheat on him with him.

Black and White

Can I yet dignify you,
While telling you that
It’s not black and white?

During my silence it was
Darker shades of grey;
Never black.

Since my speaking the
Greys are whiter than ever,
But not completely white;
Never white.

Downcast Eyes

I have no time

For downcast eyes

Which wait

For the change

Of the

Red traffic light


As the downcast

Eyes of former friends


Neither the heart

Nor the mind

As I pass by


That is the price


I called a fellow arsonist to douse the dry fence, instead of the waterproofed red-donned fighters.

The yellow grass turned to black and spread, finally kissing the vinyl side while we were napping. Meantime, whipped into the shrubs was an unsecured butane lighter.

Silence Was Golden

There was a blessing
In connection with my

Just as there is a curse
In connection with my

Things I Didn’t Want

Because I finally uttered what was crushing me, I ceased being your brother.

I am unsure there is any redemption for this.


This is what I imagined you were doing, though no doubt I am mistaken, as we are constantly comfounding angels. So what of us?

You followed from afar after embarking from the garden

Because of the following you were pressed to disavow

You stayed near enough because you needed to know that I was sound

I believe you when you said you had no idea what I was talking about

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