An Imperfect Wage

I’m sorry for bleeding out onto the floor

The ooze might lead you to conclude

The blow was more serious than the first glance did afford

I am coming in from war

Those in my wake are unable to relate of their campaigns waged

Having a mouth but unable to speak

Thusly, I have been recused, precluded from building up

I dare not compare this wretch to The Psalmist

Who was given a promise

A righteous heart owner

But who was not given the desire

Of said member to be the temple builder

Being the King, though, did allow him

To source from reserve limitless

He was privileged to supply and advise

Concerning the spiritual fortress

But it did not belong to him to build it

I am but a pauper, skilled at tripping in the field

Unable to provide a single speck of dust to noble effort

To restore those torn down and scattered

How could love accomplish so neatly, so completely

That which is the work of hate?

Separating, isolating, silencing?

The pain in the last few days equates

A smile on my heart, kidneys and face

Knowing that my absence will loosen the lips of the mute

No longer being accused by self or others

No longer being made subject for execution

Free to be free among sisters and brothers

It is a shame that though the prefect price was paid

That allows all to have freedom

It seems that there are those that necessitate an additional wage

The dark red which stains the wood grain while outside it rains

An imperfect wage born of negligence

I was running to tell of good news, of hope

On the moistened mossy stones which skirt the forest

The stitch of the sheath which I was fixing to fix

Had seemingly come completely unraveled

I slipped and tripped and fell on misplaced blade

And filled my knees full of gravel

It was unintentional

So unintentional



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