What I Want

What I want is eternal
It is clean and good
It does not separate
Those familiar with
One another
If I get what I want
There will be no
Everyone will have
One another
What belongs to one
Will remain
What I want lasts
Forever and ever
There is  no  hurry
It is something not
Defined as it defines
Itself in it’s fruition
And as it does everyone
Will say that it is
A wonderful thing
For you and for me
And everyone
And should you not
Be able to have what
I want then I would
Forfeit my portion
To you
What I want is not willed
By me
It is not
Invented by me
It is not mine
To forfeit
But it is what I tasted
One day
You happened
To be there
It is something that
Cannot be withheld
It is sweet and tender
It is pure and good
unprofaned and everlasting
It will come to pass
And last forever and ever
Shared with everyone you
Love and everyone you have
Ever loved and everyone that
You will love tomorrow
The greatest gift you could
Give but not greater than the
One we all received
And I want to be there

Is it by chance that it will
Arrive?  It was invented by
One competent in the
Ways of time and light and
We are in awe because we know
It will happen and when and how it does
It will be too wonderful to describe
With our shackled language
But we will try our best by word
And pen and deed
We will shout with joyful tears
And laughter
And I want to be there
It’s what I want



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