Ever Loved

Should you be one loved by me

At any point in our history

Count it as forever and ever

My friend

My sister

My brother


A Pauper’s Petition


Perhaps a close friend
Has given way to tears
Maybe suffering the same
Pain as the widow of
I am inside out, upside-down,
And in the weeds
Please give my friend
Exactly what they need
Give the thing furtherest
Beyond their wildest
Listen, please listen
Do not turn your ears
You always consider what
I have to say
Never reproaching due
To my sins from yesterday
Or the ones currently committed
Give them what they need
Quickly that they be happy
And continue giving glory
To you like the leper who
Pleaded with your son,
“If you want to you can make me clean”
And he was made clean
If you want to you can make
My friend happy today
Completely, wholly
Please I plead
Please I plead
You always listen
To what I say