by David Andrés Alíx

Welcome Uriah, loyal officer!

You have been slumbering

Roused to the fruition of your battles

Battles made to cease

You ask of your King?

You will see him soon

He is eager to greet you back to everlasting life!

He so loved your valor

You ask of your bride?

She also awaits

They have also been aroused from long slumber

Millennia of sleep

Fresh-skinned and darting, due to a great debt forgiven

Can anything compare to this? Valiant Uriah?

You will learn

Every fiber of you will be churned through a grinder

That you know forgiveness

How to forgive, and be forgiven

Because of the forgiveness afforded you

Any and all treachery formed against you

Became un-treachery, undone forever

Please remember this

Please keep it in mind

As I explain to you, what I am about to explain