During the Resurrection

During the resurrection, who will be brought back first? King David or Uriah? When will Bathsheba rise? Will they arise simultaneously? Will Uriah be apprised of his planned demise?

Jehovah said through his prophet, that he is creating new heavens and a new earth: and the former things will not be called to mind, nor will they come up into the heart. Will their memories of difficulties, then be erased? Will they only recall the good that occurred in their former lives of ancient times? It would seem unnecessary for them to recall such troubled times. David ended up paying a heavy price for his treachery. And, like all men, he ended up paying the ultimate price when he finally perished.

Uriah on the other hand, was unaware of what was going on behind the scenes. The account of his undoing attributes only honor to him. He was loyal to his king and to his fellow soldiers. When David learned of Bathsheba’s gravid state, he had him called from the battle lines, and encouraged him to enjoy himself during respite. It was a fine opportunity for him to be warmed by his bride’s shelter, but he refused, because fellow fighters were exposed. He was then sent to the front lines by David, where he would surly perish as he did.

Jesus said of the resurrected, that neither will men marry nor will women be given in marriage, but they will be as angels in the heavens. How do the angels regard one another? The loyal ones have been together for untold millennia. No doubt, they have individual personalities which appeal more to some than to others. I do not know for sure. I can imagine that they are that way, though. In Jehovah’s word they have the highest regard for faithful human servants.

I can imagine that they have a high degree of love for one another. They endured the rupture of the rebellion in the heavens led by Satan. They endured the perverse chain of events which led up to the great deluge. I imagine that these were challenging times for the loyal angels. The rebels would not stop derisively pointing out the imagined faults of God, angels, and man. Ridiculers and seekers of entertainment at the cost of the innocent. Yes, I can imagine that their love for one another is of the highest caliber. One that has no gender, if you will.

The closest kind of love, in my estimation, that would approximate this kind of love in human terms is unrequited love. I know that most would take exception to this conclusion, retorting that it is agape love, a love based on principal. I would not argue against it. The thing for me though is that agape seems to be more elementary. Not warm or hot. An unrequited love is the most passionate kind I have come across. It has moved me more than all others to do good. I have seen that it is pristine, undefiled, unblemished. An unrequited love can only give good love. The highest level. There are no unkind words in this kind of love. It moves you to battle to keep it just as it is. It is romantic. What could be more romantic than serving the Universal Sovereign side by side in a common effort? A call that you have answered together with your fellow worker. I do think that agape and unrequited loves overlap.

Why do I care about this? I have a stake in it because the resurrection hope is real to me. I am looking forward to the time when, as His word promises, Jehovah will open his hand and satisfy the desire of every living thing. How incredible is that! I believe, and I need this to occur. I have a stake in it because I have made serious errors in love, like King David. Mistakes that have taken away my friends. I am trying to reconcile everything back to me, as everything will be reconciled to God. I want to be fully forgiven, but in my heart, I sense that this has not occurred. I am wondering how those that I have offended will respond to my desire to be their friend, a true friend forever. I want my friendship to be accepted with bursting hearts. I want to serve our glorious Father together with the ones I have loved most. I desire just one thing. To love correctly, and to be loved correctly.

Solomon was the offspring of King David and Bathsheba through which the messianic seed emerged. This seed is the hope for all men and women, as far as I can tell. Yes, Uriah. Yes, King David. Yes, you. Yes, me. I find it very interesting, this. To me, it is the kind of consolation that shows God’s full endorsement of the love between David and Bathsheba. I believe that this was a real love, possibly one of the greatest loves observed. I do not know for sure. I am looking for God’s full endorsement for the love I have, and know to be true. A love I know to be everlasting, and which will remain unrequited.

Pristine and undefiled, is that which remains unrequited.


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