Xochitl Was Not In Toe

It was a party hosted by Tecpancaltzin

I was favored as his guest

He kept his royal demeanor acknowledging nothing

Donning gold cage filled with butterflies he had raised

And procession with many cages housing tropical birds he had bred

With synchronized motion all doors were opened

For the benefit of his guests

One white bird lit upon my right knee

And with affection repeated the words “I love you”

This consoled me as if Xochitl were present

She dare not appear

Not even in my dreams


What I Was

There was a dark man

Who was certain he was not

He told you I was one thing

When I was another

I was one that smiled from

My shoelaces to know you

Because I knew you

I understood why I existed

But he excluded that 

And painted only a sordid picture

When the pictures hung in my heart’s rooms

Were only pristine

So clean, they were not really of this 


Those rooms still remain empty

Because he omitted the most important parts

He asked me to consider a departure for your sake

Something I would have never entertained


I was about to seek relief

My way

As I approached the window 

A tiny sparrow, browns, blacks, whites

Landed right in front of me

On the other side of the screen

He was munching on some bugs

He found there

He brought a smile to my heart

I no longer needed relief

My way

I got it His way instead