Why Should I Care

Why should I care that you will not be my friend, when my own son has disavowed his legacy?

They say we will all be friends, and that is what I wanted, at the cost of everything

But now I have not a son 

And I have not a friend

I want to forget you with all my might, but it is not granted me


Paradise Awaits

What do you look forward to in paradise?

I look forward to everything should you also be there.

And nothing should you not be there.

Should you not, everything will be upholstered in an embroidered tapestry.

An embroidery of your name, upholstering the sun and moon and the canyons, and shrubs and birds. Everything.

And as much as we would be astonished by the beauty of a paradise restored, I would be astonished by the unbeauty of the same, should you not be present.

I would be astonished at my astonishment.