It is a fragile vessel sacrificed on the altar

Of the insidious delicateness required to revive her,

But which seems beyond all lumbering humanness.

Yet the tribute is offered over and over

Insisting that we are competent heart holders,

Knowing that these urges exist, to be expressed, by only us.




I do not take lightly what was placed

Before me that day

I asked to be your better brother

I asked to be your fondest friend

And I was placed as a protector

While you were engaged in a Holy work together

Immersed in intimate conversation

Without interruption 

The angels were assigned a different imperative that day

And God had his forefinger on my jugular

To see if I really wanted it that way




I wanted to love like Christ loves children

And widows and grandmothers

I wanted to love like Mordecai loved Esther

But my heart refused

Insisting that my love be like

The love of a honeybee for its nectar

Like the love the dawn has for its horizon

Like the love two hydrogen have for its oxygen

To form water

Which is loved by every sun-tried

Traveler and their beast of burden

Which is what I wanted to be

To carry you through the dessert

But my heart insisted that I be

The stowaway cargo making your

Bedouin headdress more purposeful

Which is what I wanted to be

To protect you from the

Whirling wind carried sand

Which weighs down your hand

And that is what I turned out to be

The sand


I wish to be a mirage


Entry 2013.07.01

My prayer is that your heart be always safeguarded

Safeguard your heart my Brother and my Sister

Pray that I may safeguard mine

Supporting only what has virtue

I long to be your friend forever

On the other side greeted by you

As Mordecai and Esther greeted each other

After the threat of genocide was over



You called me kid

Though young enough

To be my progeny

There was surprise

In your eyes

Not intending to

Utter those frequencies

An expression of affection?

I thought I had imagined it

The taste was cardamom

For the first time

Unsure how to savor the flavor

Like when your throat

Was blanketed by your favorite

Down comforter

As you read my sign

From the Chinese calendar

As if you had penned it yourself

Practicing for the recital

Though we don’t believe

In that sort of thing

I do believe in

Friends held with fondness

Your spirit is a

Heart whisperer

And it’s mine

That calms

When it sees your

Bright blondness


Art Lover

I beg accommodation to my longing

No evil shall I commit

I will remain a pauper, art lover

Celebrated only in the distant future

Remaining on the distal side of the red velvet rope

Supported by shiny brass stations

Visiting often

A pilgrimage embarked upon at an instant

Its destination the wing dedicated to you

Unprofaned kinship

Standing forever, so long as I remain

Pauper forgotten

Unable to secure an acquisition

Be it honorable or ill-gotten


The Pearl Earring


One second you are here

The next you are gone

A meteor

Lighting the stratosphere

This place belongs to you

You belong here

You own everyone

Within these barriers

They are the blanket you toted when young

Wringing out the nursery rhyme fears

Unflinching and unchanged they remain

Give yourself to the void within these walls

Which distill a rare love from outside

Siphoned, filtered, reduced

Shaken down, concentrated compactly

Cease from remaining other-earthly

But rather allow yourself to be

Cherished and beloved

A tree planted firmly



Peasant Vintner

Nowhere to be seen

Nowhere to be heard

Tucked away safely

Elsewhere offered safety

The wine is not ready

Though I stand with hammer steady

Sunspots from head glistening

Eager to strike cask

That savored be its wave crimson

Daring produce a standard

Though just a peasant

Which aspires to trained palette pleasant


That you might let yourself be found

That you might let yourself be found


Did you hear of the peasant who dared

Produce fruit of the vine of a master?

It turned out to be a disaster

Peasant am I, unable to produce good wine

Though I find no good reason

To postpone the miracle 

For a more favorable season

Eagerly my feet undress

Happily stomping to prepare the most noble of elixirs

Ever to be held by full spectrum


That you might let yourself be found

That you might let yourself be found



Concert Day

Concert Day

Because I one day enjoyed your spirit, is it incorrect to conclude that we are friends?

I enjoyed the spirit of a singer as she performed so evocative that the tears flowed.

She caught sight of me and seemed to be as enthralled.

We were joined for that moment that cannot be taken away, but we are not friends today.

But we do love each other because we allowed the other to invade our space.

I was prepared to do this before I bought the ticket, and the troubadour before she sold it.

Anxious to see what might take place on concert day.



My role to strengthen you is filled insufficiently

Earnestness is the form which takes my apology

I honor you by honoring what belongs to me

As we wait for all groaning creatures to spring forth free

I beg you to reclaim your peace and security

The price has been paid, it is yours to lift high and clean

Your sanctuary is yours to lift high, to lift clean